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Money Suggestion: 1 Minute Read (Mini blog)

If you are not earning money while sleeping you can never live a free life. Create assets that give you money while sleeping so that you can enjoy when you are awake.

How to master money ?

 Invest in yourself by reading books, attending seminar and joining courses. Spend 20% of your money in learning and developing skills every month.

 People are fool who say books don’t improve your life but actions do. When you read books your mind naturally forces you to take actions. I never know a successful man who doesn’t read books. Even books play vital role in awakening your intellects.

– Do not put your money in saving account or fixed deposit.

– Never remain in debt for so long because the interest rate goes with clock which means interest rate never stops even when you are sleeping.

 Train yourself before stepping into any business. Work under a firm for a year a
or two and learn what are the set of skills required to build the same business.

– Do not try to master everything. Work on creating 4 different assets. These business must not be dependent on each other. In short, as Warren Buffett said: Never put all eggs in one basket.

 Hustle to become entrepreneur. Develop patience for masterpiece. Entrepreneurship is adventurous. Art is pleasant and peaceful. Both have different experiences. (I love working alone so I prefer art.)

– Know your worth and add tax.

 Do not compromise education with money. Get high class education and live with high quality people. Stay away from energy drainers.

 Hit your head on the wall and cry after watching television because you have lost your time and it is the real money.

– Improve communication skills and learn how to convince people.

 Go where there is less competition. Creativity is what you can only go for. When typewriters came everyone started manufacturing typewriters, but Steve Jobs came with Apple.

 Start writing a book. You never know what your mind will explore.

 Love your parents. They have invested their whole life in you. Never become a poor asset.

– Go for a Ph.D in stress management. The aim is not only earning money but a balance life. Spending half of your life in earning money and the rest of your life in regaining health is not a balance life.


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